Key Learnings

“Module 1 Learning’s”

This week has been interesting!  I’m still not a fan of blogging or eagerly interested in doing so.  I’m not into the sharing of everyday life events.  Although, the reading for this week were interesting and brought up many mixed feelings towards using technology as the new “education system”.  I felt that all the readings were all targeted towards one thing… using technology as the new way to go through school.  What about the negatives though?  Are they’re any?  Yes! Of course there are, everything in life has negatives and positives.  But some things just shouldn’t happen… like bringing in technology as the new excuse for “US” to sit on our butts more often, to stay at home, and much, much more.  There are already a number of issues society is having to fight because of technology and yet we just continue to invent/buy more and more of it to make our lives “easier”.  How much easier is life going to get?  Should we just become robots?  The videos on the other hand were useful and helped out with understanding WordPress a lot.  The other videos being based around societies information on how much we use technology, how far we’ve come already in just 2015, let alone the future.  In reality it’s a scary thought.  But I have to say over all this week has been successful, my beliefs are strong, but I can’t say that I’m against technology cause I can use it really well, but I do believe that there should be a line as to how far we go in using and when.


“Module 2 Learning’s”

This week I found module 2 to be more frustrating and time consuming then module 1. I know I understand technology to an above average level and I got to the point were I was questioning the point as to doing the exercise. I have to admit even though I wasn’t fan of making a video with my voice on it, it was really cool to learn how people did that and knowing that I can do it is even better. I’m still not confident with revealing information about myself as well as downloading a video on YouTube. I was mostly disappointed when the tutorial on how to use Screencast didn’t work, I then on top of it all had to fight for hours to get my YouTube video to actually upload, on top of all that my YouTube video wouldn’t upload to my blog, so I had to figure out why, which I didn’t other than deleting two of my blog pages then remake them to upload the video. I found this to be more work then it should have been.

I hope this doesn’t come out as strongly as it seems, but I don’t understand this whole blog thing yet. I’ve had to read blogs before and still to this day don’t understand the point in it. But again, please don’t take it the wrong way, this is how I feel about it and I understand that there are people that would strongly disagree and would have some strong points against me, but don’t feel like I’m targeting you if you’re a blogger.

Through the learning’s module 2, I did learn a lot and would use some of learning’s in the classroom but I’m still against on how much society is pushing for technology to be everywhere, how lazy are we actually going to get? Again I’m sorry if this offends you, but we go to the grocery stores these days and can buy meals to just go in the microwave, does the term ‘home cooked meal’ exist anymore? So again how far is to far, where does the line get drawn?


Key Learnings – Module 5

This week I found out that I do believe a little more in the use of technology devices in the classroom, it would honestly be something I would be interested in trying in my future classroom.  It’s been a rough week being in and out of the hospital but I did find that this week was actually interesting.  I felt that I didn’t just learn about new and interesting things to do with technology, I learnt more to open up and let new information affect my feelings.  Now that I have I mixed feelings towards technology in the classroom, for now I don’t have much to say this week, just been dealing with health issues and glad I really learnt a lot.  The activities were interesting and the readings were good.  As I was saying, over all I really enjoyed this weeks module!!

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    • I do see myself using technology in the classroom but to an exception. I don’t want to go to far with it as kids already use it to occupy themselves at home. I would probably use technology in the classroom to build their typing skills which will help them in the future business wise. I would also use it to help them with their creativity … Depending on the type of device, since they all do different things. But I don’t think I would use technology as a text book or their note book. I would encourage playing music in the classroom depending on the subject just to help settle the students as well as encourage them. There is just so much out there and I feel there should be a limit as to how much enters the school system/division. But I would be happy to encourage students and myself to use an electronic white board which can help with organization as well using videos to help teach/involve students in the lesson. I would also teach them to realize they can find out the facts themselves using the Internet encouraging them to be independent to not always rely on the teacher.

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